Best places to discover and see in Accra

Planning a trip to Ghana’s capital and largest city? Wondering what you should see? In my blog posts below I explore some of the best places to discover and see in Accra.

Accra’s Oxford Street is a lively experience on foot and I’ve discussed my 8 favourite things to do and see on this bustling road. A trip to sprawling Makola Market will leave you wide eyed and sensory overloaded, but visiting this market that was founded in 1924 is an essential part of an Accra trip and one you will never forget!

And if that leaves you a little exhausted, a visit to Accra’s Central Mosque is a peaceful place to sit quietly, meditate and marvel at this incredible structure that is modeled on the Blue Mosque of Istanbul. A day trip to the Shai Hills Resource Reserve to do a hike to see the wondrous baobab trees will also leave you peacefully rejuvenated.

To learn more about Ghana’s history I propose a visit to the Osu Castle (previously known as the Christiansborg castle) in Accra which has a fascinating history of a black chief who staged a revolt, took control of the castle in the late 1600’s, stole the keys and never returned them! As well as a walk through the Kwame Nkruma Memorial Park and a visit to the Independence/Black Star Square where you will see the impressive Independence Arch.

If you are in Accra on the first or third Saturdays of the month, a visit to the Du Bois Centre for the Green Butterfly Market is a must where you can leisurely peruse all sorts of gorgeous Ghanaian handmade items for sale under the shade of beautiful old trees. And keep a look out for vibrant murals scattered across the city or take a walk to the Ako Adjei interchange to admire the walls that have been transformed into street art by talented graffiti artists.

My favourite way to discover the city has been to walk it! If you get the chance I can highly recommend doing walking tours of areas of Accra. See my post about a tour I did of Jamestown with Jamestown Walking Tours. Soon I will be writing about walking through Nima with Ghana Nima Tours.

I hope you enjoy exploring all Accra has to offer!

Treasures on Accra’s Oxford Street – my 8 favourite things to do and see on this bustling busy road!

Accra’s Oxford Street is worlds apart from its British counterpart you think of upon hearing its name, but full of character and life! Here are 8 lesser known things to do and see on this stretch of road!

The Magical Madness of Makola Market in Accra, Ghana

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Much Needed Mosque Meditation at the Accra Central Mosque

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Ghana Independence Day Wanderings

63 years ago Ghana gained its independence from the British and its name changed from the Gold Coast to Ghana, with Dr Kwame Nkrumah sworn in as Ghana’s first president. To commemorate this important day we enjoyed a public holiday a month ago on Friday 6 March. As it was the last Independence Day we…

A walking tour of Jamestown, Accra – a place of resilience and beauty

A year ago when my mom came to visit us, we first discovered Jamestown. Along with Usshertown these are the oldest districts of Accra. With its iconic bright red and white lighthouse and vibrant colourful buildings, this fishing town is an enlivening place to walk through, and although the extreme poverty will likely leaving you…

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