Living well in 2022 - toasting to a brand new year!

Living well in 2022 – tackling the year ahead with healthy doses of sameness and spontaneity

Happy New Year and I hope that you are having a kind January so far. On the 1 January we were sitting in our cozy kitchen staying warm around my favourite old pine table I paid homage to on Instagram recently. We had cracked open a bottle of prosecco and were just about to dig…

Expats in Accra Ghana - the beginning of our five years living here

Being expats in Accra, Ghana – my first impressions five years ago

Our time as expats in Accra, Ghana is sadly coming to an end. The details on where we are moving to are not yet finalised which is why I haven't said much about this. Ghana has been such a beautiful home for our family. I recently shared some of these feelings on what being expats…

Red and yellow plastic Clonette Dolls stand alongside Ghanaian wooden figures

Clonette Dolls – the colourful Ghanaian dolls with the name Auntie Dei Dei

Clonette dolls are brightly coloured plastic dolls that originated in Ghana during the 1950s in Colonial times when Ghana was still known as The Gold Coast (Ghana gained its independence in 1957). They were the first industrially produced dolls in Africa and in recent years have gained wide international appeal as a home décor item…

On Hope and Life – reflections six years on from a cancer diagnosis

Last year at a time when I was feeling a little anxious, I had a beautiful series of synchronicities that somehow made me feel like I am on the right path and they gave me some reassurance and renewed hope at a time when I needed them. Synchroncity is a concept that analytical psychologist Carl Jung introduced. He suggested that events are "meaningful coincidences" if they occur with no causal relationship yet seem to be meaningfully related.

Eating yam chips on the pavement on an ordinary Tuesday in Accra

After being home for the last 4 months without our usual weekly routines, I know that whenever anxiety or a hint of sadness/depression threatens we need to get outside very quickly and feel the sunshine on our backs and breathe in some fresh air. How absolutely grateful I am to Ghana for giving us the freedom to walk around our neighbourhood safely as the ‘sanity saver’ walks I frequent in are a big contributor to how I (usually) manage to stay (semi) sane.