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The Platform Gallery at Lions River Howick

An overnight trip on the Midlands Meander in KZN to satisfy your wanderlust!

Join our family in this blog post for an overnight trip on the Midlands Meander when we spent 24 blissful hours in this scenic region of KZN last weekend. With my husband Dave flying from Ghana to Durban to see us in for a long weekend we decided to get out of town for a…

Ghana street art – graffiti artists brighten up the city of Accra, one vibrant mural at a time!

A sprawling mural at the Ako Adjei interchange in Accra Ghana All over Accra artists are transforming dull walls and spaces into vibrant Ghana street art depicting the country's rich culture and bold colours! The talented minds and hands of Ghana's graffiti street artists are hard at work beautifying the city, one incredible mural at…

On Hope and Life – reflections six years on from a cancer diagnosis

Last year at a time when I was feeling a little anxious, I had a beautiful series of synchronicities that somehow made me feel like I am on the right path and they gave me some reassurance and renewed hope at a time when I needed them. Synchroncity is a concept that analytical psychologist Carl Jung introduced. He suggested that events are "meaningful coincidences" if they occur with no causal relationship yet seem to be meaningfully related.

Seeing double at the Ga Mashie Twins Yam festival in Jamestown Accra

Twin ladies at the Ga Mashie Twin Festival in Accra Ghana When my mom and I went on a walking tour of Jamestown Accra last year which I wrote about here, Collins our tour guide from Jamestown Walking Tours mentioned the upcoming well known Homowo and Chale Wote local festivals taking place in a few…