Local Ghana festivals not to be missed

One of the highlights of living in Ghana has been attending several amazing and fascinating local Ghana festivals, and having the privilege of seeing how Ghanaian people celebrate their culture with so much energy, excitement and enthusiasm! I have been lucky enough to attend the Bakatue Festival which is held in the fishing community of Elmina on the first Tuesday of every July, the Jamestown Twins Festival and Chale Wote Street Art festival which take place annually in August/September as part of Homowo celebrations, and the Krobo Millet Harvesting Festival or Ngmayem in the hilly Eastern region Krobo Odumas, which happens in the last week of October. Each of these local Ghana festivals is so unique and rich in tradition and spectacle, I’ve never seen anything like them before!

Join me in my posts below to share in some of the phenomenal energy and spectacle of these events and if you have the chance to attend a local festival in Ghana I can’t emphasise how much you should do it!!! I went to the Bakatue and Millet festivals with Jolinaiko Tours and the Twins festival with Jamestown Walking Tours.

The Carnival of a Lifetime at the Elmina Bakatue festival in Ghana

We leave Accra at 7am on a Tuesday morning, and I feel a rare sense of excitement and freedom that solo travelling brings. We are headed for the coastal fishing town of Elmina, about a 3 hour journey away. We are unsure what to expect but it is the annual local Bakatue Festival in Elmina…

Seeing double at the Ga Mashie Twins Yam festival in Jamestown Accra

When my mom and I went on a walking tour of Jamestown Accra last year which I wrote about here, Collins our tour guide from Jamestown Walking Tours mentioned the upcoming well known Homowo and Chale Wote local festivals taking place in a few weeks time, and then he mentioned something about a pre-celebratory local…