My story as a young cancer survivor

Unfortunately part of my life story involves being a young cancer survivor, but for me thriving beyond cancer means trying to live my best life and not letting this dreadful illness define me and hold me back. Through this difficult experience I’ve learnt to treat each day as a gift, and to always be appreciative of ‘normal’ days when I’m not struggling with health issues.

Since being diagnosed I have learnt resilience and everyday I intentionally decide to Choose Joy and My blog name ‘My Marvellous Mundane’ alludes to this sentiment – that the Ordinary is really truly very Extraordinary and the Mundane is just Marvellous!

Occasionally I share posts like the one below where I share my story and my thoughts and feelings about being a young cancer survivor and thriver!

On Hope and Life – reflections six years on from a cancer diagnosis

Last year at a time when I was feeling a little anxious, I had a beautiful series of synchronicities that somehow made me feel like I am on the right path and they gave me some reassurance and renewed hope at a time when I needed them. Synchroncity is a concept that analytical psychologist Carl…

The powerful pull of reminiscing – meeting my children all over again

You know that feeling when you occasionally have an incredible dream of being in a place you’ve always wanted to visit, and the vivid detail all around you is staggeringly life-like, and you feel an overwhelming sense of wellbeing and euphoria, only to wake up and realise your subconscious has been wildly active and you…