'My Marvellous Mundane Blogger' Lauren Simpson stands in front of a Ghanaian quilt made by artist Tei Huagie

Hello and Akwaaba (a Ghanaian Twi word meaning Welcome)!

Born and raised in South Africa, I created this site to tell the stories of our expat life in Accra Ghana. I have currently written 28 extensive blog posts on various aspects of life in Ghana and some adventures in South Africa too, which you will find on the pages below or in the Main Menu.

I am passionate about words and photography and I love Clarissa Pinkola Estes sentiment when it comes to stories; “I hope you will go out and let stories, that is life, happen to you, and that you will work with these stories….water them with your blood and tears and your laughter till they bloom, till you yourself burst into bloom.”

Living in this vibrant and colourful country for the last 4 years been a gift and it is here that I feel we have had the chance to bloom.

Thanks for reading and please share the posts if you find them useful! – Lauren Simpson

Red and yellow plastic Clonette Dolls stand alongside Ghanaian wooden figures

Clonette Dolls – the colourful Ghanaian dolls with the name Auntie Dei Dei

Clonette dolls are brightly coloured plastic dolls that originated in Ghana during the 1950s in Colonial times when Ghana was still known as The Gold Coast (Ghana gained its independence in 1957). They were the first industrially produced dolls in Africa and in recent years have gained wide international appeal as a home décor item…

The Platform Gallery at Lions River Howick

An overnight trip on the Midlands Meander in KZN to satisfy your wanderlust!

Join our family in this blog post for an overnight trip on the Midlands Meander when we spent 24 blissful hours in this scenic region of KZN last weekend. With my husband Dave flying from Ghana to Durban to see us in for a long weekend we decided to get out of town for a…

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