From Cosy Camping to Glamorous Glamping – Shai Hills adventures in Accra, Ghana

For those of us living in the city of Accra there are definite times when our souls simply crave the perfect peace of nature. If you have been reading my blog, you know that I love the crazy market places and the walking tours through fascinating parts of the city but these activities are intense…

Rainy day Reflections in Accra in both senses of the word

*These photos were taken in the rain on the outskirts of Makola Market, Accra. I woke up on Friday feeling a little strange and a bit down, these are not unique emotions in these peculiar times given what the world is going through currently. It was another week of saying goodbye to lovely friends, and…

Red and white lighthouse in Jamestown Accra

A walking tour of Jamestown, Accra – a place of resilience and beauty

A year ago when my mom came to visit us, we first discovered Jamestown. Along with Usshertown these are the oldest districts of Accra. With its iconic bright red and white lighthouse and vibrant colourful buildings, this fishing town is an enlivening place to walk through, and although the extreme poverty will likely leaving you heartbroken and humbled, it is the overwhelming sense of resilience of its people that makes the biggest impression, and this strength pulses through the town like a heart pounding after a strenuous run.

A full plate for my first post – the birth of my blog about expat life in Accra Ghana

After living in Ghana for the last 3 years I have started a blog about our colourful experiences living as expats in Accra. I will post about Things to do in Accra and other parts of Ghana and I hope it can help those who are interested in coming to travel or live here.