Sunrise at Ko-Sa beach resort

Ko-Sa beach resort – our ‘beach home’ in Ghana!

Ko-Sa beach resort was the first resort our family visited when we moved to Accra 4 years ago and, after happily returning to it several times, we now consider it our Ghana ‘beach home’. Not far from Cape Coast, Elmina and Kakum National Park it is a central place to stay if you want to…

The peculiar Posuban shrines and fanciful Asafo flags of the Fante people of Ghana

It is the delightful mix of bright red, yellow and turquoise colours, shapes and patterns that look like those on playing cards, hearts dangling off balconies that remind me of traditional Scandinavian Christmas ornaments and a blonde man sitting drinking tea at a table with an African man that could be a comic block from a Tin Tin adventure book - these things have me somewhat mesmerized at the photo on my screen. Am I looking at a beautifully illustrated page of a children’s story book or an actual place in Ghana? And how on earth does such an eccentric looking place fit into the culture and history of this country?

The Carnival of a Lifetime at the Elmina Bakatue festival in Ghana

We leave Accra at 7am on a Tuesday morning, and I feel a rare sense of excitement and freedom that solo travelling brings. We are headed for the coastal fishing town of Elmina, about a 3 hour journey away. We are unsure what to expect but it is the annual local Bakatue Festival in Elmina…